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Each person that attends Caitríona O’Sullivan Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Sports Injury Clinic has a comprehensive assessment of their injury. This enables Caitríona to make a tailored treatment and rehabilitation plan unique to each person.

Treatments include

  • Soft tissue (muscle/ligament) release through massage, stretching and myofascial trigger point treatment.
  • Joint mobolisation/manipulation where indicated. Joint mobolisations are passive movements of the joint used to increase joint mobility and reduce pain.
  • Acupuncture for relief of pain and stiffness. It is also used to promote relaxation by reducing anxiety, improving sleep and promoting wellbeing. It is non invasive, with the use of single use sterile needles. It can be a stand alone treatment or more often used with manual therapy treatment for musculoskeletal problems.
  • Dry Needling.
  • Biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescription where indicated. Following a comprehensive biomechanical assessment of lower limb function including:
    • gait analysis.
    • posture in standing.
    • leg length measurement.
    • assessment of back, hip, knee, ankle and foot mobility.
    • assessment of muscle length and strength.
    • foot position on the ground.

Caitríona makes and informed decision whether orthotics or insoles is indicated post assessment. Orthotics or insoles are corrective devices that adjust the position of your foot on the ground to offload tissue stresses and correct a biomechanical problem. They vary from simple off the shelf devices to customized devices made specifically to support your foot in correct alignment. Following a detailed biomechanical assessment Caitríona makes the appropriate measurements, casts and fits the orthotic or insole if indicated.

  • Core Strengthening/ Pilates (APPI trained).

Core Strengthening is frequently an integral part of the rehabilitation programme for backs and lower limb problems, necks and upper limb problems.

  • Muscle Stimulation.

Electromuscular stimulation is frequently used for quadraceps muscle strengthening following knee surgery.